Aerial Silks:Basic Climb

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The basic climb is one of the fundamental moves on aerial silks.

This is how most performers get up into the air at first to do their tricks, though there are many more complicated and showy ways of climbing the silks.

Wrap your foot around the silks from the outside to the inside.

Flex your foot.

Extend your leg straight out in front of you. If you forget this step, your bottom (flexed) foot will slide down the silks when you attempt to step up.

Hold the silks with your arms above your head, but with a bend in the elbow - don't extend your arms all the way.

Pull up with your arms and at the same time place your free foot on top of the silk which is draped over your foot, pinching the silk in-between your top and bottom feet.

Pull your torso close to the silks so that you're standing as close to the fabric as possible.

To repeat this move, raise your hands and arms slightly on the silks above you. Release your feet by pointing them downwards. While holding yourself up, re-wrap your bottom foot, flex it, straighten it, and step on the silk with your top foot again to come to a stand.

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