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Candycane Rollup

The candycane rollup is so named because it leaves a lovely helical stripe running down the locked leg, and you also end up lying in the crook of an upside-down candy cane shape.

Starting from a single foot lock, separate the silks and turn towards one of them.

Hold the silk in front of you with both hands at about head level, and twist towards the direction which rolls the fabric onto your locked leg. (If you roll the other direction, you'll roll out of your foot lock.)

Roll all the way around, using your free foot to push the wrapped fabric down around your foot and ankle if it's on your shin or above.

Repeat the roll-up once or twice more, then balance on the front fabric. You can let go and spread your arms if you're feeling comfortable.

This move is a bit archy, so have your back warmed up. Also be aware that the wraps should never be above your knee. That will be extremely uncomfortable and should be avoided.

To come out, reverse your rolling direction and come down in a controlled manner, with your locked leg straight and your free leg either straight or in a posse.

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