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Double crochets are a good way to get comfortable being upside-down.

Get into an inverted straddle on split silks, then wrap one of your legs around each of the silks, flexing your feet. Make sure you push yourself (see: your butt) way up so you're basically straight up in the air, no bendy knees.

From here, wrap both fabrics around your back, in a cross, then hold them out in front of you so they are taut. You can hold them both apart, or together, as you wish.

Make sure you wrap the right way round - otherwise you will fall and get ouchie bruises (see below). (I'm thrilled here because this is the first time I realized I was doing this incorrectly, and found out I could actually hang if I did it properly - yay!)

If you're like me, you've tried this and just can't for the life of you stay up. I took classes and had gigantic bruises every time I tried this. I wasn't sure what I was doing wrong!

I was wrapping the wrong way round, which makes your feet hurt a lot worse, and is also really hard to keep yourself up in.

Don't do this:

See how I'm slipping down in the second picture? Not good.

Wrapping from the inside really doesn't work, and leaves bruises on the tops of your feet that aren't fun. Trust me, I've had three or four sets of them now.

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