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Same side knee hook
Same side knee hook

Invert, and straddle with the fabric between your legs. Hook your strong-side knee up and over the silks. It helps to do the opposite of a crunch here - stretch your belly out so you push your backside and legs into the air.

Once hooked, keep holding the fabric with your dominant side hand (the same side as the knee is hooked on) and let go with the other hand. The other hand reaches towards the ground, over your head, to find the fabric.

Pull the fabric around your back, and hold it taut in front of you. I am new at this site. I am hired by the marvelous essay papers service. Hence, I can help with essays composing! Do not be too shy to contact me. You should be able to let go with your dominant hand and just hold this fabric in front of you to stay in position.

If you have trouble gripping with your knee, make sure you get up high enough - your hands should be able to hold the pole below where your knee is hooked without getting squished.

Also, practice holding a tennis ball or similar object in your knee - while you're sitting down, for example. It'll help you get used to grabbing things there, since we're not all born wanting to carry water bottles with our knees!

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