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The scorpion is a great way to show off flexibility, since it ends with you in a circle, pulling your feet back to your head.

From a couple of climbs (you'll need space for this one), split the silks and wrap both feet around the silks twice, bringing your feet together. This is the same as the setup for the Aerial Dance Footlock.

From here, get your arms and torso in front of the split silks by reaching through them and forward. This should be a stable position.

Reach down to your feet and grab each of the tails. Wrap each tail under its corresponding foot.

Keeping your legs straight and spread, tip back, catching the poles with your legs on the outside of the poles.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you keep your legs spread wide as you tip back. You want to catch the poles with your legs on their outsides. If your legs go on the inside instead, you will end up in an ankle hang, which can be very uncomfortable and difficult to come out of. This is yet another reason you should have a spotter present at all times.

Bend your knees. You should be able to reach back up to your feet and pull the dangling tails down closer to your head. This will pull your feet closer to your head for a showy stretch.

To get up, you have two options:

1) Beat up and pull yourself up and out of the position, grabbing the poles and reaching high to pull out of the position.

2) Beat up and reach behind your butt, grabbing the poles here. Flip backwards and over. You can get out from here. This tends to look more graceful than option 1, though it may be more difficult to think about.