Aerial Silks:Spiderman Climb

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This is an inverted climb which looks imposing but isn't as terribly difficult as you might expect.

Begin with one arm, let's say the right arm here for example, holds the silk above the other.

Invert and grab the silks between your feet, with bent knees. Put the same foot higher as the upper hand on the silks - here, since the right hand is above the left on the silks, put the right foot above the left also.

Your feet should be one on either side of the silks, above your hands, but not fully extended or wrapped.

Now, pull your lower hand - here, the left hand - off the silks, and place it above the right hand, at the same time moving your lower foot up above the upper foot. You're moving both lower limbs above the upper limbs at once.

Repeat this with the hand and foot which are now the new lower limbs and ascend up the silks upside-down!

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